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may not be perfect for everyone. That is why we offer psychedelic breathwork. We will guide you through rapid pranayama breathing that will allow you to enter an altered state of consciousness. These techniques allow for personal growth as well as therapeutic benefit. This form of breathing will allow for a temporary rest of the cognitive/analytical mind, creating space through breathing allowing for your innate healing wisdom to move toward what requires processing.

The act of hyperventilation (breathing out too much CO2, which causes respiratory alkalosis or alkalinizing of the blood) may lead to an altered state of consciousness. 

A similar form of breathing, known as holotropic breathwork, is currently being examined in a pilot study at Johns Hopkins Center for Consciousness and Psychedelic Research. Known as some of the pioneers of LSD research, psychiatrists Dr. Stanislov Grof and Dr. Christina Grof sought to create a legal alternative to LSD when it became illegal to use by the US government in 1968. They ended up creating holotropic breathwork after the Greek word “holos” meaning “whole” and “trepein” meaning “to move toward” - suggesting a treatment that would help the participant “move toward wholeness”.

Healing begins within.
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