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About ONEA

Onea was born to provide transformative healing. We believe every person has the ability to heal when provided the appropriate tools and support. The stresses and traumas of life often suppress our inner healing intelligence and thus perpetuate dysfunction and dis-ease. Onea was created to guide you on your healing journey. Conventional healthcare often focuses on suppressing symptoms, but not addressing the root causes of disease. Our approach is a paradigm shift within healthcare which provides profound and sustainable transformation.


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Dr. Kevin Simonson

Dr. Kevin MD is a medical doctor and board certified psychiatrist with an integrative approach to mental health treatment. He completed his BS in Molecular Biology with minors in Chemistry and Psychology at Humboldt State University. He received his medical degree from UC Irvine and completed residency at UC Riverside and the Long Beach VA, where he worked in substance treatment and suboxone clinics. 


He has additional training in psychedelic therapy from CIIS, integrative psychiatry and ketamine treatment from IPI, ketamine psychotherapy from Polaris, and psychodynamic psychotherapy from New Center for Psychoanalysis. 

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Dr. Sarah Abedi

Sarah Abedi MD is an emergency medicine physician working in psychedelic medicine. Dr Sarah has completed her certification at the Center for Psychedelic Therapies & Research at the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) as well as her Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) certification as an MDMA-Assisted Therapy  Practitioner. She also has completed a year long certification in ketamine assisted therapy with Integrative Psychiatry Institute. She is a board-certified emergency medicine physician that has been using ketamine in the emergency room for half a decade. Dr Sarah has been part of the Treatment and Research in Psychedelics Program at Pacific Neuroscience Institute as a psychedelic facilitator on clinical trials. She is the host of The Hidden Body Podcast. 


Dr Sarah’s interests lie in healthcare worker burnout/moral injury as well as addressing the underlying cause of illness and disease instead of just masking symptoms with medication. She feels that true healing must address all aspects of a person’s life including one’s body, mind, spirit and lifestyle. 

Healing begins within.
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